My name is Esther Christinat and I am the woman behind INBAG. As the daughter of an Italian haute couture dressmaker and a Swiss master optician, I grew up between sewing machines and modern eyewear models. My aunt's professional home design and my uncle's visionary modern architecture also shaped my life and nurtured my sense of precision and design. In 2021, I decided that I didn't just want to run INBAG alongside my job and decided out of passion to work 100% for my company and my product and quit my HR job as a time and absence manager... I am still overjoyed about this decision today. What makes me particularly happy are the many customers who are enthusiastic about INBAG! Today, INBAGs are available online, but also in the trendy INBAG STORE in Thun/Switzerland.
This incredible journey with my product INBAG requires above all a passion for the product, the vision and a lot of stamina. Why did I keep going? Because of the 100% positive feedback from my customers and the absolute passion to ensure that everyday items are quickly to hand! ... INBAG, an incredible system, protected and unique worldwide.


INBAG - the idea


I am a working mother of two children who are now grown up. One evening in November 2012, when I came home from work very tired and searched in vain for my keys in my bag, and only found them after a long 'tossing and turning' process, ... out of this need came the desire for a bag organizer where you can see things open! While still in the hallway, I thought about what this organizer should be like. It should be like an office desk organizer, where you put everything in and can see everything at a glance. So not a bag or something like that, which I already knew.
So I looked for such a sturdy model on the Internet. To my astonishment, there wasn't one! So I started to 'build' prototypes in December 2012. And to my delight, the prototype worked exactly as I had imagined! I was the happiest person on earth. The wish arose that all women in this world should have the opportunity to buy such a stable organizer. THE JOURNEY BEGAN!


The journey began...

From February 2013 to July 2014, I worked on the production. It was very difficult, as the model had to be stable and flexible, as well as elegant. Finally, in summer 2014, the first finished prototype was born, I called it INBAG. This prototype was tested by various women and rated as a great product. The only thing they found was that the dividers needed to be fastened together. That made sense and I considered whether to use Velcro or press studs. I opted for the press stud as I hate Velcro fasteners. From 2014 you could now buy the first INBAGs! Shortly afterwards, I commissioned a worldwide search for similar products. As there was no such bag system in the world, I was able to apply for a patent in 2014 and, after a long journey, it was registered in the patent register on 31.07.2018. What a success! I also had the design protected. The property rights were important to me as it was a brilliant idea and I had already invested a lot of time and money in its development.

Being well organized on the go has become very important to me. Rummaging around for items in my handbag used to cost me so much energy and nerves every day. With my INBAG, I am now much calmer and more relaxed when I am out and about, I can always see immediately that I have everything with me and no matter where I am, everything is quickly to hand. When I get home in the evening, I take the INBAG out of my bag, put it down and in the morning I choose my outfit and the corresponding bag. So I can change styles in an instant! It's really great. The positive feedback from my customers makes me very happy and encourages me to keep going. So it went on!


I decided to work full-time for INBAG in 2021 and quit my job. The INBAG STORE in Thun/Switzerland was opened on 01.11.2021. The INBAG is now a successful and popular organizer, for anytime and anywhere you want to have your personal belongings safely and quickly at hand. INBAGs are also very popular outside the bag. In the entrance as a stylish and practical organizer for cell phones, charging cables, etc. or in the office, in the bathroom, simply anywhere you want to have your personal items quickly to hand!

INBAG - always practical AND stylish!


Thank you very much!

My heartfelt thanks go to my family, especially my partner, who has supported me again and again on this long and demanding journey.

The INBAG BY ESTHER CHRISTINAT brand is now a registered trademark. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my lawyers, who have always worked with great commitment to register the property rights. I would also like to thank all my production companies, whose professional craftsmanship makes the INBAG an absolutely top product. INBAG, a Swiss invention, a Swiss design...

INBAG. My passion... Esther Christinat


Design and patent

DESIGN PROTECTION / INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE / 27.08.2014 / DM/084293, The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Brands and Designs Sector, Geneva
PATENT REGISTRATION / 13.08.2014 / Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Bern / Deposit certificate Reg. 01218/14
PATENT PUBLICATION / 15.02.2016 / Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Bern / Publication No. 709974
PATENT REGISTRATION / Patent granted 31.07.2018 / Registration No. 709974 / IPI, Bern

BOVARD AG, patent and trademark attorneys, Berne


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